Accelerating time to value with amazon lex

Using Amazon Connect data and the Cognition platform

Gartner names

"Cool Vendor for Conversational Platforms"

We’re happy to announce that Gartner has named a Cool Vendor in the Conversation Platforms category. Well done team and thank you to our customers, the innovators who have adopted the Cognition platform to accelerate the time to value for chatbots and virtual assistants.


Most bots fail for lack of proper training. But they don’t have to.

Just like human agents, bots require training, a manual process that can take weeks or months. But what if the process was automated using existing data from live agent chats and calls? That would save money, make customers happy, and achieve business objectives faster. It would also turn a potentially bad bot into your best agent.


Like employee training, but for bots.

Cognition puts call center and live chat customer conversations in a format that the business can see and that bots can learn from.

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The Result.

It’s like a bot listened to every agent conversation to learn how to handle every scenario the right way from the very beginning. That’s good because you want your bot to be fully trained BEFORE it starts talking to customers. sees Cognition speeding the “time to value” dramatically, with the potential to reduce development costs by as much as 90%.
— Dan Miller, Opus Research

See Cognition in Action:
Amazon Lex | Salesforce Einstein Bots | IBM Watson Assistant


Without Cognition, bot training requires guesswork and time consuming manual work.

Who wants to do that?

Slice Created with Sketch. Train Bot MANUAL Data Collection, Prep, Labeling Create Custom BI Visualization Create Bot Intents Collect User Utterances TRAINED ON FAILED BOT EXPERIENCES MANUAL Load & Visualize Data Train Bot TRAINED ON REAL CONVERSATIONS OLD WAY MANUAL TRAINING AUTOMATED TRAINING NEW WAY BEFORE DISCOURSE.AI AFTER DISCOURSE.AI Can Take Months Limited Intents Unhappy Customers As Short as 1 Week All Intents Happy Customers Look at all that time you could be saving

With Cognition, you can see the most common flows in all agent conversations and export the training data to your bot. named Actionable Analytics Innovator at Enterprise Connect. was highlighted in the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect. Why? Because we help companies speed their time to value with chatbots. With our Cognition conversational AI platform, companies can finally take advantage of all of those customer conversations. After all, it’s what everybody is talking about…

artificial-intelligence.jpg named market leader in Conversation Automation Platforms.


Unlock the power of your customer conversation data.