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The Discourse.ai Cognition Platform

The Cognition platform is built around our industry-first semantic conversation graph and patent-pending machine learning models and creates a system of record for conversations for your business. Cognition automates the conversation labeling required to power your AI.


Creating a New Standard for Conversational Automation

  • Machine Learning engine ingests unstructured customer calls and live chats

  • Automatically enriches and annotates conversation data with semantic meaning

  • Visualizes customer behavior patterns and flows from millions of conversations

  • Speeds development with Predictive Conversation API to bot and chat systems

  • Conversation graph provides real-time interactions via RESTful API to existing systems

  • Speeds time to value exponentially and reduces automation development costs by as much as 90%


Cognition simplifies conversation data labeling and bot development.

How does it work? Once you’ve loaded your conversation data, the platform identifies the patterns in customer intents and flows automatically, labels the conversations, and provides visualization to aid business and design decisions around bot strategy.

Cognition Flow 3.png

Discourse.ai Cognition Platform Components

Discourse.ai Cognition™ helps businesses reduce the cost and time to market to deploy virtual assistants by leveraging the company’s existing customer conversation data to provide automation strategy and design insights and a robust data set for training quality bots.


Look to Discourse.ai Cognition when you’re ready to:

  • Automatically Label your conversation data.

  • Discover customer experience, automation & optimization opportunities.

  • Accelerate your bot building process.

  • Get insights into what makes customers love you more, and leave you less.