Discourse.ai partners with leading bot platform providers

Why do businesses augment their bot platform with the Discourse.ai Cognition platform?
Because simplifying and accelerating bot deployments means speeding time to value for the business. 

Discourse.ai speeds bot deployments by as much as 75% by automating much of the manual effort in bot building.

With Cognition, your business analysts and data scientists will discover “always on” insights from your existing voice, live chat and chatbot conversations. And your bot developers can use your rich conversation data to train your bots - fast!

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Discourse.ai Integration Partners


Discourse.ai Cognition helps your business glean insights from existing contact center chat and voice conversations, then export desired Intents, Topics, Entities, Flows, Prompts and Slots into the bot development platform of your choice.



Accelerate Amazon Lex bot development and value...
using Amazon Connect data and the Discourse.ai Cognition platform



Eliminate the up-front manual work required to build Einstein bots…
leveraging insights and training data from your existing customer conversations.