Large business-to-consumer (B2C) enterprises that are “high touch” with their customers, (and therefore have high contact volumes), are enjoying the benefits from Cognition in the following ways.

Enterprises Look to Cognition to:


Unlock customer conversation value by automatically enriching every conversation

Labeling data is manual and expensive. (e.g., 30,000 people at Google/Amazon label content today to create “AI”).

The Cognition platform automatically labels every chat and transcribed voice conversation with customers to unlock the value of customer conversation data.



Discover Customer Experience, Automation & Workforce Optimization Opportunities

Customer Service and Sales Operations organizations spend millions on agent and sales training, but still can’t spot the conversation patterns that lead to delighted customers, closed sales, or indicate best practices for performance improvement and cost reduction.

Cognition makes it possible for you to work backwards from the outcomes of your conversations (the good, the bad and the ugly) to see what’s working and what’s not… A huge value for optimizing bot implementations and driving continuous improvements and workforce optimization.



Build better bots faster using existing customer conversations  

Customer service bots are often trained on the backs of bad customer experiences and take months to design and build, damaging brands and chasing away customers. And the bot development process simply can’t scale to meet the needs of the business (far too slow and expensive).

Training bots on millions of existing conversations improves bot quality, thus decreasing live agent contacts (and related costs); using conversation data reduces manual effort and speeds bot design/development by up to 50%.


Who in your organization will reap the benefit? Cognition provides the platform and tools to streamline and simplify what are otherwise very time-consuming manual data labeling processes. Data scientists, business analysts, bot developers and other enterprise stakeholders benefit from the ability to explore and leverage their company’s conversation data.

Virtually everyone in your organization from enterprise stakeholders to analysts and developers will realize the benefits of the Cognition Platform.

Virtually everyone in your organization from enterprise stakeholders to analysts and developers will realize the benefits of the Cognition Platform.


Data Scientists & Analysts

The efforts to uncover customer tasks as you set out to define and prioritize your company's bot strategy, and to generate large data sets to train your ML models, are manual and time consuming, often taking 3-6 months and still not delivering the results you desire.

Cognition provides flexible, sophisticated data extraction, labeling and visualization tools for analysis of your existing call center and live chat conversations so you can make informed decisions and estimate ROI / TCO for bot and other intelligent automation initiatives. The platform automates your live agent and chatbot data enrichment pipeline so you can easily discover customer patterns and extract training data for your ML models.



Bot Designer

Our enterprise customers tell us that, historically, the process of bot design is a bit like a shot in the dark. How do you determine the best flow to streamline the customer experience and address their need? 

With Conversation Insights, you can go right to the source for bot design ideas - your actual customer conversations. Filter and drill down and around in your historical conversations and see (real) sample conversation flows. Explore where conversations break down and fall out, and where they achieve the desired outcome. Now you're ready to make design decisions for your bot.



Bot Builders

Developers know that each bot intent can take 4 to 8 weeks to implement, and typically requires manual entry of over 100 (made up) utterances for bot training. With hundreds or thousands of intents to automate, development could take years.

Cognition can turbo-charge bot development by automatically extracting every intent, dialog flow, and entity with associated training data from an existing live agent chat or call center conversation corpus - saving weeks in bot development time. Export directly into your favorite bot SDK framework; and use our API to determine next best intent and response.


Customer Service & Enterprise Stakeholders

Every percent of increase in automation can save large organizations millions of dollars per year. Unfortunately current bot design and development technologies fall short, taking years and tens of millions of dollars to implement.

Cognition drastically reduces costs and speeds time to market for automation by taking the intensive manual data analysis (and guesswork) out of chat/bot development and providing insights based on millions of customer interactions (e.g., chats and calls).